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Good things about WordPress: Changing the URL of your post or page

July 27, 2008 Leave a comment

Sooner or later every TypePad user will realize how different TypePad URLs are displayed in the browser address bar compared to how WordPress URLs display. TypePad truncates your post title, WordPress keeps it as is. Some people even say that WordPress is more search engine friendly than TypePad; I don’t know, I have yet to notice a significant difference.

Nonetheless, one of the nicest features in WordPress is the ability to change your post or page URL, without losing the link. This means that if Google or someone else has linked to your “old” post or page URL and you then change your post or page URL in a later edition of your post or page, it will automatically redirect to your “new” post or page. TypePad cannot do any of this.

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Good things about WordPress: Error 404 Page Not Found

July 5, 2008 1 comment

One particular nice feature about WordPress is the so called error 404 Page not Found default page. What it means is that if for whatever reason a reader types in the wrong web address for a post on your blog, or if a Google search or some link on someone else’s web site still lists a post or page on your site that you have already deleted, the reader will not be met with a blank white page with no clue what to do, but will still find your blog. With this WordPress feature the visitor is more likely to stay on your blog and search for the missing post.

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