Migrating from typepad.com to wordpress.com? Here’s why or why not.

This blog is built around my experiences around moving a number of blogs from pay-hosted TypePad to free-hosted WordPress.

Both tools have their advantages and disadvantages; neither tool is THE perfect blogging tool. This blogs will try to explain the differences, if possible, without bias either way. Which tool is best, now that I leave up to you. Happy blogging!

Mind you, I am comparing blogs ending with .typepad.com or .wordpress.com (or blogs that are domain-mapped to .typepad.com or .wordpress.com). I am not looking at self-hosted wordpress.org, which is an entirely different matter.

This blog operates posts in 4 categories: pros and cons about TypePad and WordPress respectively. When I  say “pros” or “cons” it is more likely than not a subjective jugdement, I have to admit that, even though I try to be as unbiased as possible and list the true pros and cons of each issue that I encounter.  Also bear in mind that I may be having some “pilot errors” here, because I am not yet fully aware of (or have forgotten) the options and possibilities that both TypePad and WordPress offer. I am just a regular user switching from one system to the other.

Comments and suggestions and corrections are more than welcome!

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