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Annoying or good thing about WordPress? Global/local tags and categories

July 2, 2008 3 comments

Suppose you’re reading a nice blog on You’d like to read more on the same subject, so you click the category link or tag link under/over/next to the post…what happens? Suddenly you’re taken to the site where you get a list of all posts on all blogs on that use the same category or tag. But you only wanted to see posts on this blog…Well, then you have to click the categories or tags in the sidebar… that is, if the blog owner uses his widgets. Most do, luckily.

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TypePad Help vs WordPress Help

July 1, 2008 1 comment

Starting to use a new tool like TypePad or WordPress, you will often frequent the help section to find answers to your problems or issues or how-to-questions. Before you read any further, let me make it clear from the start that I am talking about online support or online help, not the support you get by asking a direct question to customer service. So, is TypePad better than WordPress, or vice versa?

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