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Good things about WordPress: Changing the URL of your post or page

Sooner or later every TypePad user will realize how different TypePad URLs are displayed in the browser address bar compared to how WordPress URLs display. TypePad truncates your post title, WordPress keeps it as is. Some people even say that WordPress is more search engine friendly than TypePad; I don’t know, I have yet to notice a significant difference.

Nonetheless, one of the nicest features in WordPress is the ability to change your post or page URL, without losing the link. This means that if Google or someone else has linked to your “old” post or page URL and you then change your post or page URL in a later edition of your post or page, it will automatically redirect to your “new” post or page. TypePad cannot do any of this.

Let’s look at a practical example.

WordPress saves this post as


TypePad would save it as


How to edit the URL

Although “slightly” longer, WordPress’ file name will instantly tell you what the post is about just by looking at the file name. So what if you want to shorten it? In WordPress, no problem. Just use the “Edit” Permalink function next your title field:

This brings up a new textbox where you can edit the URL.

Now I deleted most of the URL. Click save.

Now the URL has changed.

Remember to Save the post or page to make this change permanent.

Why is this useful

This feature is particularly useful when you start writing a post or page, you save the draft and then later decide to change the post or page title just a little bit. In TypePad, whichever title you wrote first will be URL, with no way of ever changing it later, that is unless you delete the post or page and totally rewrite it. WordPress gives you full control over your post or page URLs.

Firstly, it automatically changes your post file name if your edit it in the title field. Secondly, you can edit the post file name to anything you like. The latter feature is also useful to shorten long post titles into a more succinct URL.

What’s more, even though you have changed the URL, when you type in the old URL, WordPress will redirect you to the new post or page automatically. Now that is what I call functionality. It’s more than just that, it’s foolproof.


WordPress verus TypePad: WordPress +1, TypePad -1

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