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Improved: Inserting images in WordPress versus TypePad

August 25, 2008 Leave a comment

In a previous post, a month ago, comparing how to insert images in Typepad versus WordPress, I gave TypePad the upper hand. Today, I have to revise this. WordPress has changed the image/media settings, to the better, at least from my point of view. In typical WordPress manner new features are released on Friday afternoon, unannounced, which of course resulted in a barrage of angry and frustrated cries for help in the support forum, because images were suddenly no longer working the way they used to do.  Anyways…what did actually change at WordPress to make me change my mind?

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The WordPress Media Library – can TypePad compete?

July 22, 2008 Leave a comment

One functionality that WordPress has, and TypePad has not, is the Media Library. The Media Library keeps track of all your uploaded images and files. You can find the Media Library under the “Manage” tab in your dashboard. Files in the Media Library are listed chronologically by date, with the newest image or file appearing first. The Media Libary is searchable, say, if you’re looking for a specific picture, or can be filtered by month. So, how and when can you put the media Library to use?

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Inserting images in WordPress versus TypePad

July 20, 2008 Leave a comment

One of the biggest differences between TypePad and WordPress is how to insert images in post. As a long-term TypePad user I am really confused by this.

Just like WordPress, TypePad too has an easy “insert image” button/icon in the composer toolbar. But what happens when  you click this button  in WordPress is very different from TypePad. In this post I will try to explain the differences as best I can.  As it turns out, WordPress does have some tricks up the sleeve that TypePad has not. TypePad on the other, seems more straightforward and intuitive for the inexperienced blogger. Which one is better I leave up to you to decide.
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