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TypePad Support versus WordPress FAQ

September 11, 2008 5 comments

When I started this blog about comparing WordPress and Typepad, what I forgot or didn’t really think about is that any software is continuously improved, so any comparison is only valid for so long, and soon, many of my posts will be obsolete. Such is the case with my previous observations on TypePad Help versus WordPress Help. Both WordPress and TypePad have now revamped their support functions recently – and I need to make a new post…so what has changed?

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TypePad Help vs WordPress Help

July 1, 2008 1 comment

Starting to use a new tool like TypePad or WordPress, you will often frequent the help section to find answers to your problems or issues or how-to-questions. Before you read any further, let me make it clear from the start that I am talking about online support or online help, not the support you get by asking a direct question to customer service. So, is TypePad better than WordPress, or vice versa?

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