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Annoying things about WordPress: Trackbacks/pingbacks in recent comments

July 17, 2008 1 comment

I have mentioned this in an earlier post: When importing from TypePad to WordPress my TypePad trackbacks are turned into comments in WordPress, but as I understand, that is how WordPress’ pingback works. I have to live with that. But now it gets even weirder…for a TypePad user like me: Pingbacks are not only added to comments in the post, they also appear in my “Recent Comments” widget.

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Importing from TypePad to WordPress: Trackbacks turn into comments

July 9, 2008 4 comments

Trackbacks or posts linking in, are acknowledged in totally different ways in WordPress versus TypePad. In TypePad, trackbacks are separated and added below your posts, but above your comments. That’s how it should be. In WordPress, they just look like ordinary comments, with an automated excerpt from the post displayed a s a comment. What does that mean for TypePad users switching to WordPress?

When importing a blog from TypePad to WordPress, the trackbacks are kept, but turned into comments. So posts with¬† trackbacks end up being posts with comments in WordPress. Not sure I like that. I want comments to be comments and trackbacks to be trackbacks. A trackback is not a comment.¬† Well, the good is that the trackbacks are kept at least, but for the reader it is hard to tell whether this is a “real” comment or a “trackbacked” comment.

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