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Front page customization in TypePad versus WordPress

September 1, 2008 3 comments

One area that many bloggers do not always pay attention to is the front or home page. The ability to customize your home page is one of the most important factors in  making your blog attractive and thus keeping visitors on your site. How does wordpress,com compare to when it comes to front page customization?

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Customization: TypePad versus WordPress

June 28, 2008 Leave a comment

Customizing your theme is way better in TypePad than in WordPress. Well, this is a half-truth. In the TypePad “Basic” account at $4.95/month you have pretty much the same options as in WordPress: You can select which content too use, and where to put it, drag and drop. There are slight differences, but basically both TypePad and WordPress offer the same functionality here. WordPress uses “widgets”, TypePad calls it what it is, plus they have something called “Typelists”, where you determine your own content.

Then comes the TypePad “Plus” account at $8.95/month…now we start talking. Here you can design your own template from scratch:  colors, number and width of columns, header, sidebar content, fonts and styles. You are not in total control, but almost.

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