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Good things about WordPress: Your custom header image is never lost

July 24, 2008 Leave a comment

I just realized one good thing about the WordPress Media Library today: When you upload a custom image header for your blog, the image is stored along with your other photos in your Media Library. Why is this so great?

Well, in my case I use several computers during the day and yesterday I was experimenting with my blog header using my computer at work. Usually, for blogging and storing and uploading images, I use my computer at home. So, after uploading my new header I realized that it didn’t look good at all, and restored my header, but that only brought the default header back. How could I get the old header back?

The Media Library came to the rescue. Looking at my files, I discovered my file was there, with the URL permalink. Unfortunately, WordPress cannot upload directly fromĀ  a URL, but I was saved anyway. With the permalink I was able to right-click and save my header image to my office computer, and from there I could upload it back into my theme.

The only thing is, now I have two header images, which means I can delete the “old” one from my Media Library, since WordPress now is using the “new” (most recently uploaded) header image.

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