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WordPress stats – Revisited

I made a post in my early days of this blog, comparing TypePad stats with WordPress stats, and looking back at it now, I must admit that I did not cover the WordPress stats well enough. Especially after WordPress released their tabular stats feature. There’s really not much to say about TypePad stats, except that they are useless. So lets present the WordPress stats as they really are for this blog.


WordPress stats page

WordPress stats page

The stats overview gives you a snapshot of today’s and yesterday’s activity on your blog Besides 1) a traffic (page views) graph for the past months you will find 2) a list of referring websites, 3) posts and pages viewed, 4) search terms used, and 5) links clicked or followed on your blog, and finally 6) tabular stats. All views can be expanded. E.g. the graph can be viewed by days, weeks or months, and for each of 2) – 5) you can have a 7-day, 30-day, Quarter, Year and All Time view. In fact,all views can be further expanded. You can see the full history of any post or page or search engine term or clicks on your blog. Nothing is lost. The only downside is that no IP-adresses are recorder, so you can not see who visits you, nor can you see the path each visitor takes on your blog. But anyway, for a free blog, this is amazing! Below are some screen shots, see for yourself.

Traffic graph

WordPress stats - traffic graph

WordPress stats - traffic graph


WordPress stats referrers

WordPress stats - referrers

Top Posts and Pages

WordPress stats - top posts and pages

WordPress stats - top posts and pages

Search Engine Terms

WordPress stats - search engine terms

WordPress stats - search engine terms


WordPres stats - clicks

Expanded post/page/referrer/search term/click

WordPress stats - expanded view

WordPress stats - expanded view

Tabular stats

WordPress stats - tables

WordPress stats - tables


WordPress built-in stats are a great tool for following your traffic and seeing what parts of your blog that most people read and what they click on. Unfortunately, you cannot track IP-addresses or see how many pages each individual visitor views, but for a free tool, this is still one of best systems around. Another reason to sign up with WordPress?

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