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Improved: Inserting images in WordPress versus TypePad

In a previous post, a month ago, comparing how to insert images in Typepad versus WordPress, I gave TypePad the upper hand. Today, I have to revise this. WordPress has changed the image/media settings, to the better, at least from my point of view. In typical WordPress manner new features are released on Friday afternoon, unannounced, which of course resulted in a barrage of angry and frustrated cries for help in the wordpress.com support forum, because images were suddenly no longer working the way they used to do.  Anyways…what did actually change at WordPress to make me change my mind?

Default settings

WordPress Media Settings

WordPress Media Settings

The most important part is that there now is is a whole array of settings as to how images (and other media) are inserted and handled in posts. Previously these were set after the image/media had been uploaded, but before inserting it into the post. Now, much work can be automated beforehand and save time when writing a post. Except WordPress failed to tell their users they had done so. Especially that by default thumbnail images are no longer clickable.

So, before you start adding media to a wordpress.com post, you should examine your default Media Settings (Go to Settings > Media):

Media Link

Should the media (images in most cases) be linked to None, File URL or Post URL?

None means that the image will upload as is per setting 2 and 3, but you cannot click on it to get a larger image. File URL means that it will open in full size in a new window. Post URL means that it will open in a post-like setting, from which it will open into a larger image, if it is wider than the post column. Previously the default option was File URL. I often use full-size images, so I had to click “None” in almost every post; now this can be decided beforehand.

Maximum Image sizes

What maximum sizes should post images have for Thumbnail, Medium or Large?

These should all be smaller than the post column width, see here for theme specs. You decide max width and height yourself. Previously this was only possible for the Thumbnail size, and Large didn’t even exist.

Default Image Size

What should the default image size be when inserted?

Thumbnail, Medium or Large? Some people, including me, prefer to have all images same size (same width or height), because that looks nicer. Finally that is now possible. Previously the default option was Medium, much to my annoyance, because I either had to click Thumbnail or Full Size. Now at least we can chose.

Default Image Alignment

What should the image alignment be? None, Left, Right or Center?

None, and the image is left, on a separate line with no text wrap. Left or Right and the text is wrapped around the image. Center and the image is in the middle on a separate line.


WordPress now comes very close to TypePad’s way of inserting images, using default settings that can be changed at any time. However, image padding (horizontally or vertically) still has to be applied manually for every image, and I wish they had incorporated that too when they updated the image handling features. Hopefully that will be in the next update. Nonetheless, I have decided to change my previous vote on TypePad versus WordPress:

Before: TypePad – 2, WordPress – 1.

Now: TypePad – 2, WordPress – 2.

If  WordPress adds a default setting for the image padding I’ll make that a 2 -3 in favor of WordPress.

Current scoreboard


Inserting images in WordPress versus TypePad

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