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Can a theme change make the Google Ads less obvious?

If you read my post 2 days ago, showing how how my blog looks like with the Google Ads that WordPress is serving to my first time visitors coming from a search result, you will know that the ads really ruin the design and visual impression of my blog. Is there a way to make the ads more inline and less protruding? A theme change maybe?

Different themes – different ad look

I noticed that on my other blog, using the Regulus theme, the ads were not so obnoxious. So now I’ve scoured WordPress for different sites with different designs and testing the ads. Tedious and boring, but I had to find out how different themes look like with the ads:

  1. Find a wordpress.com blog using Firefox, then find a post.
  2. Go to Internet Explorer, and delete all cookies.
  3. Search for a phrase or keywords from that post in Google.
  4. Locating a Google result that will take me to the post.
  5. Looking at how the ads display.
  6. Repeat 1 through 5

A solution?

In the end, I realized that Regulus probably is the best, for the moment. So that is why, yet again, you are met by a new theme on my blog, and just for the record, here’s the old look:

Contempt theme with ads

Contempt theme with ads

And here’s the same, in Regulus:

Regulus theme with ads

Regulus theme with ads

I still wonder, since the ads take their color and font from the theme, is there a way I can tweak them using CSS?


Is there really no Adsense on wordpress.com?


wordpress.com can now be ad-free

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