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WordPress versus Typepad: Going back to TypePad? Yes or No?

WordPress putting Adsense on my blog

WordPress putting AdSense on my blog

This week seems to be a philosophical week. After first pondering the supposed pros of an ad-free blog, then discovering that my blog is in fact not so ad-free after all, the question naturally arises: What to do next?

So should I go back to TypePad, because at least there I have control over my ads? Or stay with WordPress, because of the added functionality I have here? Just looking at the scoreboard should be enough to convince me. I have already moved my blog to WordPress, but do I really want to stay here now?

There’s also the money issue. At WordPress I pay $10/yr for my domain, add $15/yr for CSS, that’s $25/yr. At TypePad, the minimum is $89.50/yr for domain, make that $149.50 if I want do the same CSS tricks as on WordPress. Again, the choice seems obvious in favour of WordPress.

My traffic has increased. My blog ranks higher in Google searches than before. My number of pageviews has increased. All that is due to my move to WordPress, or so I think at least.

So…I’m not sure. For now, I think I will stay here. Let’s see how it develops. Besides, there’s always a few tips and tricks to pick up in the WordPress forums


wordpress.com can now be ad-free

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