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Which one has better Google Search Results – WordPress or TypePad?

File or post naming conventions in TypePad versus WordPress are a hot topic among bloggers. Here comes another one: How your post title displays in Google searches. A typepad.com blog appears different from a wordpress.com blog. That was indeed most surprising to me. Before you read on, let me remind you that I’m not discussing SEO techniques here, I’m merely pointing at how the search results display. Now, I didn’t do a thorough research here, just a few examples, so if I’m wrong here, TypePad will want my head on a plate for sure…

Example: TypePad versus WordPress

Let’s say that I have two blogs, and let’s call them myTPblog and myWPblog, and let’s say they have the same post titles, myTPposttitle and myWPposttitle. In Google searches this is what displays:

TypePad: myTPblog: myTPposttitle

WordPress: myWPposttitle << myWPblog

Now this may seem of minor importance, but which do you prefer, your post title appearing first, or the name of your blog. If you worked so hard to come up with a catchy title or headline, you don’t want it to get lost behind the blog title, like in TypePad, especially if you have a very long blog name. On the other hand, if “branding” is your concern, well, then it may look nicer if “all” Google search results start with your blog name, as they will, if you have a TypePad blog.


Again, first a WordPress blog. I did a Google search on random excerpt from a post with a long title:

In this case the post title is so long that it leaves no room for the blog title. With the post title being such an eye-catcher I would prefer my post title to show up, not my blog title.


And for comparison, now a TypePad blog.

In this case the blog title isn’t too long, just three words, but the longer your blog title is, the more words will be cut off from the post title.


Well, honestly, I am not sure which is better and besides, I may be wrong here, but personally I prefer my post title to show up, not my blog title. But then again, it depends. If you have a “renown” blog, then maybe having your name first makes it more likely people will click on you and not your competitor?

What’s your take on this?

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  1. July 26, 2008 at 12:21 am

    I don’t have any experience with typepad, but I have seen that WordPress seems to have really awesome seo! I may try a typepad blog just to see…

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