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The WordPress Media Library – can TypePad compete?

One functionality that WordPress has, and TypePad has not, is the Media Library. The Media Library keeps track of all your uploaded images and files. You can find the Media Library under the “Manage” tab in your dashboard. Files in the Media Library are listed chronologically by date, with the newest image or file appearing first. The Media Libary is searchable, say, if you’re looking for a specific picture, or can be filtered by month. So, how and when can you put the media Library to use?

Where is this useful?

I can come up with a couple of examples of where the Media Library is particularly useful:

  1. You want to re-use a photo already used in a different post
  2. You want to edit your post and delete and re-insert your image
  3. You know which photos/files you are going to use in your post(s), but you don’t have the time to write just yet. Simply upload all the photos/files and keep them there for later retrieval.

Practical usage

This is how the Media Library displays. It shows a thumbnail of the image, image name, image description (if you added one during the upload), which post you’ve used it in and the image URL.

As to the usage examples mentioned above, number 2 and 3 are the ones that most distinctively separates WordPress from TypePad. If you edit your post and accidently or intentionally delete your image, the only way to get it back in TypePad is to upload again. In WordPress, this image is already saved and linked to your post the moment you upload it. Just click the “Add Image” button, select the “Media Library” tab, click on “Show” and “Insert into Post”…voila!

Using WordPress Media Library in post

Using WordPress Media Library in post

And TypePad?

Sadly, TypePad doesn’t have any such functionality. As much as I prefer the TypePad way of inserting an image into post, I also prefer to have all images easily accessible as in WordPress. Albeit TypePad has a FileManager, your image files are not displayed there; in fact, you have no direct access to your uploaded images and files that you have used in posts (or pages), unless you actually uploaded them with the FileManager and linked to them with a direct URL, but normally you wouldn’t do that of course; you would just upload into the post (or page).


So, in conclusion, TypePad CAN NOT compete here. WordPress is way better. There’s one sour grape though: The Media Library isn’t exactly user friendly. If you have lots of images and don’t know when you uploaded them or you did not use a proper file name or description, then it will take a lot of sifting to find a match. On the other hand, the Media Library indeed teaches you how to better organize and structure the content of your blog.

WordPress versus TypePad: WordPress 1, TypePad 0.


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