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Annoying things about WordPress: Choosing the right theme for your tag cloud

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will have noticed that my theme changes…almost every day. That is because I’m still having issues with the tag cloud, as I described in my post about the tag cloud in WordPress. Although WordPress has fixed the line break issue I described in said post, the tag cloud looks everything from absolutely neat to absolutely awkward, depending on my choice of theme. And I like using the tag cloud, so I am faced with a dilemma here.

Nice tag cloud – bad looking theme and vice versa

If I settle for the themes I like, in some the tag cloud looks bad, but if I settle for a theme with a nice tag cloud, well, those are the themes I often don’t like that much. Sometimes the tags will be nicely underlined when the cursor hovers over a tag, sometimes not; sometimes the color will change, sometimes not at all, which makes it really hard to know which tag or tag phrase you are clicking on.

Preview your theme first

So before you settle for a WordPress theme, if you intend to use tag clouds in your side bar, make sure you know how it behaves. The good thing about WordPress is that the preview theme function lets you do that, although sometimes you really have to activate the theme first, because only the default sidebar widgets (and not the tag cloud) are showing in the sidebar widgets. So, my suggestion is, select any theme, add the tag cloud into the sidebar, write some posts, and then do a preview of some themes. Also note that the tag cloud is limited to the 45 most used tags, so not all tags may show up.

Below are some good and some bad examples of tag cloud behavior in WordPress:

Tags in Thenty-eight Thirteen

Tags in Andreas

Tags in Connections

Tags in Regulus

Tags in Cutline

Tags in K2-Lite

Read more about WordPress tags:

The difference between local and global tags and categories.

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  1. June 2, 2009 at 8:15 am

    why doesn’t WordPress just get rid of the “cloud”. Just make all the tags appear “normally” and neatly in a same font size.

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