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Thumbnail images and pop-ups in WordPress versus TypePad

What amazes me is how different image display works in WordPress versus TypePad. A thumbnail in TypePad pops up neatly on top of the post in a new window the exact size of the image. Nice and as it should be; to me that is the whole idea about having a pop-up image. In WordPress, there’s a whole new window blocking my post, see examples below.

In WordPress a thumbnail like the one in the post above opens in a new window. If you choose not to open in a new window the image displays on top of your post, and you have to hit the Back button to get back to the post. Some people may be ok with this, and that’s fine. Personally I prefer the TypePad way:

A thumbnail in TypePad opens in a new window, without covering the post (depending on the image size, of course). If there is some text in the post referring to the image, say, a description of the item in the image, you can read the post while at the same time viewing the image for reference.

I have to add that I am using Windows XP or Vista with Firefox 3 or Internet Explorer 7, in case this is what causes the problems.

In this case, thumbs up for TypePad!

When moving from TypePad to WordPress I found this behavior so annoying that I stopped using thumbnails altogether, so I started using full-size images only. If you have a photo-heavy blog and want it to load quickly using thumbnails and display nicely using pop-ups, then I would definitely suggest using TypePad over WordPress. But…there is a “but” here…WordPress has a photo gallery function, which TypePad does not have, although TypePad has built-in photo albums…sigh, so it’s really hard to chose here. Which is better? You tell me.

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