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Previewing a post in WordPress versus TypePad

The ability to preview posts as they actually will appear on your blog is one thing where WordPress differs considerably from from TypePad…in favor of WordPress, huge favor that is. As soon as you have saved your post, before it is published, you can preview your post on WordPress, thus allowing you to do some more editing or tweaking, change line breaks or paragraphs, move images around or whatever, until you are completely satisfied. And then you can publish. TypePad cannot do this.

TypePad versus WordPress: Post previews

In TypePad you do have a preview, but it is a very raw preview of merely the text in your post, and the column width in the preview does not match the column width your theme or template. So it’s really hard to tell how your post will actually look like on your blog. Only after your post has been published, then TypePad will show a “View Post” link. That’s kind of too late, and that’s why, with TypePad, you more often than not will end up re-editing your post after it has been published (because of minor flaws you could not see before it was published). Potentially a very tedious undertaking.

I like my posts to be perfect when I publish them. If you do, too, WordPress allows you to make sure your posts really are perfect when they go online. Thumbs up to WordPress on this one!

TypePad/WordPress post before preview

TypePad “View Post” AFTER the post has been published.

WordPress “Preview this Post” BEFORE it is published.

TypePad/WordPress after preview

A preview of a TypePad post.

A preview of a WordPress post.

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