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Annoying things about WordPress: Tag cloud

Update 2008/07/08: The issue has been fixed (sort of).

Now here’s one thing I really don’t like about WordPress: the tag cloud. The tag cloud is a widget that you have to add manually by going to Design > Widgets on your dashboard, it does not come with the theme. In itself, the tag cloud is a brilliant thing. It shows what tags you use most in a font size according to how often you use the tag. That is very nice, if your readers are looking to see what topics you blog about most. But why is the tag cloud so different from the category cloud?

In the category cloud widget you can actually set the minimum and maximum font size after adding it to your sidebar; in the tag cloud there’s no such option. Also, the category cloud will break if the phrase is to long to fit on one line; in the tag cloud it stays on one line. See the example below taken from this blog. Here it works fairly well. However, if I select a different theme, my tag cloud will either extend beyond the right edge of my design (if my tag cloud is in my right side bar), or it may be cut off or truncated if my tag is too long to be displayed, say, if my tag cloud is in the left side bar. I don’t mind the no font size option, but they could at least have made the tag lines break, like with the category cloud. That’s an issue WordPress really needs to address. Not many bloggers use tag clouds though, and this issue here could be part of the reason why. Also note that the tag cloud is limited to the 45 most used tags, so not all tags may show up.

Example of tag cloud in the Unsleepable theme

Read more about WordPress tags:

Choosing the right theme for your tag cloud

The difference between local and global tags and categories.

  1. PK
    July 13, 2008 at 6:49 am

    This has been annoying me heartily all damn day. I wanted to have a simple list of tags on the sidebar much like a list of categories.

    The default wp_tag_cloud () has enough options to accomplish this … except for the font sizing issue.

    So I hacked it by going into /wp-includes/category-template.php and changing:

    if ( $font_spread <= 0 )
    $font_spread = 1;


    if ( $font_spread <= 0 )
    $font_spread = 0;

    Hey, it works. I hope the official wp team fixes this in an update. I like using tags but I really just don’t like traditional tag clouds.

  1. September 19, 2008 at 11:41 pm

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