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TypePad Help vs WordPress Help

Starting to use a new tool like TypePad or WordPress, you will often frequent the help section to find answers to your problems or issues or how-to-questions. Before you read any further, let me make it clear from the start that I am talking about online support or online help, not the support you get by asking a direct question to customer service. So, is TypePad better than WordPress, or vice versa?

TypePad’s “Help” section is located at support.typepad.com. Starting from anywhere in your blog, you will need two clicks to get there, via “Help” and then on to the “Knowledge Base”. In WordPress you only need one click to get to the “FAQ”, so that’s better. In both Help you can type in a question or a topic or keywords you would like to search for.  WordPress also has ready made topic tags, and clicking on them will bring up the most sought after questions, there’s also an overview of “recent” and “popular” FAQ entries.
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TypePad Knowledge Base
TypePad Knowledge Base
Wordpress FAQ
WordPress FAQ

For my test then I used the phrase “maximum image size in post”. Since the main column of blogs often comes in different widths and since I like to post pictures full-size, so what is the maximum width I can use in the different themes in WordPress or TypePad? TypePad gave me 207 search results to sift through! It took me some serous clicking to find the right answer. WordPress only came up with 3 search results, with one being straight to the point, and actually I could have found the same answer by just clicking the topic tag named “Images”. Easy.
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Wordpress FAQ Answers
WordPress FAQ Answers
TypePad Help Answers
TypePad Help Answers

Although TypePad does have a very comprehensive Knowledge Base, WordPress seems to answer my search better. In general though, I do prefer TypePad better, maybe because TypePad has screencasts for many of the questions. Well, this was only one test. I will keep on checking and posting.

I should mention that WordPress also operates a Forum, where you can ask questions not answered in the FAQ. Again, this adds to the WordPress “community feeling”.

  1. December 23, 2008 at 1:55 pm

    I always found Typepad help to be populated with obtuse and obstructive little bureaucrats.

    You’d send them a request for some help and they would send you back an unrelated or barely related knowledge base article.

    This would go on for three or four rounds to absolutely no avail, as I would write longer and more detailed requests. I think the goal is to annoy you so much that you would never use support again.

    With WordPress, intelligent people will answer your questions sensibly. If not you can easily hire a programmer to fix the problem.

    Which is why I was so damn happy when I finally broke free from Typepad to WordPress. It took so long as I didn’t want to break any of my permalinks (Typepad doesn’t easily allow export of permalinks).

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