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Good things and bad things about TypePad/WordPress: Importing blogs

It’s fairly easy and straightforward to import TypePad blogs into WordPress and vice versa. But beware. There are some pitfalls, and some pleasant surprises.


WordPress imports AND publishes in one operation, so does TypePad. I’m not sure I like that, because sometimes I would like to edit my blog to make sure everything is alright in the new format before I publish it. Is there a way around this? Well, TypePad can password protect my entire blog, and if you remember to do that before importing, you have the chance of playing around with your blog, checking that things are as they should be, before turning off the password protetction, so that the public gets to see it. In WordPress, there is no such option. Well, actually, there is a sort of “workaround”: WordPress allows you to make your blog visible only to designated users of wordpress.com (I guess the die behind this is to make a sort of community blog for posting and sharing ideas within a select group), and if you set yourself as the only user, that way you can keep your blog away from the public until you have finished editing and tidying up.

Categories and tags

WordPress uses tags, TypePad does not. So what happens to your WordPress tags when they are imported into Typepad? They are turned into categories…ouch! That can be a very long category list. Not sure you want that, so you may want to tidy up that before you publish. Luckily, you can batch re-assign categories in TypePad. On the other hand, values from the “keyword” field in TypePad (Or is it the “Technorati tags” field? I haven’t checked.) are imported into tags in WordPress, so at least that is taken care of correctly by WordPress.


Remember that images and files still point to their original locations, either way, so you need to tidy up this too, manually…sigh.

A glitch

A final note, there seems to be a glitch in the TypePad importing software, which makes it look like as if all categories/tags are doubled when you lists your posts. On the posts themselves or in the category listing, they only appear once. Annoying.

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