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Good things about TypePad: File Manager

When I moved my old static website to a blog format I was faced with a seemingly unsolvable dilemma: My domain had been up for some 8 years, with a Google PR of 5, and with a considerable numbers of links coming in from Google or other searches and/or websites. How could I retain my links in and not loose readers? I assumed that Google eventually would update its results, but could I be sure? That’s where TypePad’s File Manager came in handy. It allowed me to create directories and files to “mirror” my old site and automatic redirect the old html-file to the new html-file of the posts on TypePad that had been created from my old pages, i.e. creating a “www.mydomain.com/mydirectory/myfile.html” on TypePad, which auto-redirected to “www.mydomain.com/blog/year/month/mynewpost.html”, which was where my old page was now sitting in my new blog. This way no search results or old links in would get lost. Many pages also had links to uploadable files, so instead of re-writing all links in all posts I just re-created the directory the files were sitting in and uploaded the files to there using the File Manager.

The downside to the file manager is that it only uploads file one-by-one, so if you have a lot of files this can be a very tedious process.

Unfortunately, of course I had to do the same thing again, now that I moved many of my blogs to WordPress (redirecting “www.mydomain.com/mydirectory/mypost.html” to “myname.wordpress.com/year/month/date/mypost/”, but anyway, the files manager is one plus that TypePad has over WordPress.

On a final note, had I then known that WordPress has an Error 404 Page not Found default search page, I probably would have gone for WordPress.

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