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Writing a post in TypePad versus WordPress

A blogger’s first experience with blogging is determined by his or her experience writing and editing and publishing his or her first post. How easy is that in WordPress versus TypePad?

I’m fairly new to blogging. But not to having an online presence. I’ve had a website up and running since 1998, so I do have some experience with web editing tools, ranging from handcoding HTML in Notepad via FrontPage to lastly Dreamweaver. So I know my share of editing tools and my review of WordPress and TypePad as far as editing and managing content goes will be colored by that.

Looking at the screen shots below, bear in mind that TypePad is currently upgrading its composer, and I am still working with the old composer, because my blog is not upgraded yet, so it may look as if TypePad has many fewer options than WordPress. Compared to the new composer, the differences between WordPress and TypePad are not that big. I will get back to that as soon as I too have been upgraded by TypePad.

Formatting/editing options in TypePad, not available in WordPress:

  • Background color (to highlight text, as with a textmarker pen)
  • Subscript (for mathematical or chemical formulations)
  • Superscript (for mathematical or chemical formulations)
  • Font type and font size (In WordPress this can be achieved by pasting from Word)

Formatting/editing options in WordPress, not available in TypePad:

  • Insert custom symbols (such as δ)
  • Fullscreen mode (so it feels more like a normal text editor)
  • Undo (well, there’s always the right-click and Undo option)
  • Pasting from Word (keeps formatting)
  • Indent (Indent in TypePad = Blockquote in WordPress)
  • Tags
  • Password protetction of posts (TypePad can, but only your whole blog, not individual posts)

Common options, but accessed differently

  • Post sheduling
    WP: type in date and hour directly
    TP: type in hour directly, manually scroll in calendar for date (can be hard if you want to really really really backdate a post)
  • Categories (new categories can be added on the fly in both)
    WP: below post
    TP: above post
    Mind you, if you’re on the wordpress.com, clicking categories or tags in your post brings up the wordpress.com home page with all blogs in wordpress.com that have the same category or tag in their posts. In TypePad it only brings up the posts from your own blog, much better, I think. TypePad doesn’t have tags, which is a minus, since making too many categories will make your blog bloated.
  • HTML
    TP: Straight forward as is, good for us old-timers who used to handcode our web pages
    WP: A kind of stripped code, not using the most obvious, like <p> or <br>, which confuses me
  • Draft
    TP: Saves post automatically as published, unless you use the settings to save as draft first
    WP: Direct options of saving versus publishing, neat! Including delete. In TP you need to go back to managing your posts to do that.
  • Image/Media insert
    Now that is a chapter in itself, which I will deal with in a later post.

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