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Done. Finally. I just moved 4 (actually 5) blogs from TypePad to WordPress. For some time I had been pondering of downgrading my TypePad Pro account ($14.95/mo) to a TypePad Plus account ($8.95/mo), since I was not fully using the features of my Pro account.

However, while Pro allows an unlimited number of blogs, Plus has a limit of three, which meant I had to delete (move) some of my blogs from TypePad to WordPress, which was the obvious choice, since I already had some blogs there. I left the rest of my blogs on TypePad, and if the move goes well, maybe they too will follow suit.

It was not so easy as I thought it would be, and I learned the hard way all the things I don’t like about WordPress, or TypePad, for that matter. Things like batch (re-)categorization of posts, inserting images, finding various settings, template shortcomings, etc.

Well, coming up I will tell you how it went and what are the pains and pleasures of WordPress and TypePad. People have done this move before, so it will be interesting to see if my move has the same experiences.

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